Prototone Limited specializes in solar rooftop system design, installations and maintenance for small commercial buildings. You can dramatically cut your electric bill and get over 20% Return on Investment (ROI).

System payback period is 6 years & panels will last over 40 years!

TYPICAL SYSTEM SIZE: 12.5 kilo Watt (kW) DC

Gross Cost $49,000
Income Tax Credit (30%) $14,700
MACRS Tax Depreciation*
(Varies based on tax bracket. Please consult with CPA)
Net System Cost $20,364

* Bonus 50% MACRS Depreciation ends 12/31/2013 (Contact your CPA for details)

Old Bills: $6,000/Year

New Bills: Less than $2,700/Year

Savings: $3,300 per year

Lifetime System Savings well over $275,000

Contact us for a free proposal and project site tour! Email copy of your most recent electric bill to to receive a free, no-obligation proposal customized to suit your business needs. We also recommend kWh usage and bill amount for the past 12 months.

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